These roulette gadgets will keep you away from the real table

Shocking RouletteTrying your luck out at the casino is one irresistible activity no one can repel. Rolling the ball at roulette table or trying your hand at black jack can earn you thousands of dollars or even reduce you to empty pockets. Gambling in not going to die anytime soon and games in the local casino are only going to increase in popularity. So, if you are also someone obsessed with gambling and live roulette games, you got to have these gadgets that will make you feel at home. These roulette-inspired gadgets will not win you any dollars, but they will keep you engaged anytime you get bored.

Roulette USB

Green House USB Drive with dice and roulette game

This small little gadget will carry your digital data as well as act like a time pass game in the pocket. Roulette USB is a GB storage device that has a Roulette wheel on top of it. Just hit the trigger button on the side of this USB and the wheel is set into movement. Now it is your luck on which number the ball settles on.

Roulette Wheel IQ Cube

Roulette Wheel IQ Cube

If you like brain bending games, then you are just at the right option. This is Roulette Wheel IQ Cube which tests your Rubik’s Cube solving skills along with number skills. You’ll have to solve the Rubik’s Cube and also make sure that the roulette number are aligned in correct sequence. Boy that one head spinner that has already got my blood pressure dropping.

Roulette Wristwatch

Roulette Wristwatch

This is one of my favorite. The Azimuth Roulette watch shows time as any other timepiece would, but it also has a small roulette platform and ball that rolls on it. When you have time, just sit down with couple of friends and tell them to have a game of luck. Maybe you can bet some money too on a game.

Shocking Roulette

Shocking Roulette

This is a roulette game with a twist. The Shocking Roulette gadget has four slots to place a finger. Obviously, it has to be a finger of the player and when the start button is pressed, tension rises. The reason? Well, one out of the four players at random gets an electric shock! You can create your intended action for the unlucky player, if already he isn’t bugged out.



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