Jia Jia – An eerily realistic, interactive robot that claims itself a “Robot Goddess”

Jia jia chinese robot

We had seen a Hong Kong man spending $50,000 on his homemade humanoid robot that looked like real Scarlett Johansson until it made those creepy, slow robotic movements. Now, Chen Xiaoping from the University of Science and Technology of China unveiled what’s being claimed a humanoid robot with most realistic appearance and ability to display micro-expressions in Hefei on Friday. She is called Jia Jia by its creator, and Jia suggests submissive gesture by addressing its maker as ‘My Lord’.

This lifelike robot even asks people to stand back when taking selfies so that her face wouldn’t look fat. Jia Jia greeted people and welcomed them to the event and introduced herself as well.

Jia Jia does look eerily realistic from a distance and her lips, which move in synch with speech, further strengthened an illusion. She can make some facial expressions as well. She can perform a series of task, like waving her hand and answering questions. Using sensors, she can locate people in relations to her presence. She can roll her eyeballs mimicking natural movements.

Jia jia 4

Otherwise, there isn’t any major breakthrough update in robotic technology in Jia Jia.

jia jia robot

The team had been working on Jia Jia for past 3 years, and is looking forward to an enhanced and sophisticated next version. Researchers would be investing a lot of time to give her deep learning and facial recognition capabilities in future. The team didn’t say anything about its mass production.

jia jia robot

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