Another wearable tattoo that shows your vital body functions

e-skin wearable tattoo

Wearable technology is going to influence our daily chores in a big way, if already it hasn’t started doing so. One application of this is the use of electronic tattoos that is still in the infancy stage, but none the less impactful. Going by this notion, a team headed by Takao Someya at the University of Tokyo have developed a prototype e-skin which is the thinnest so far at just 3 micrometers. The artificial skin embraces any part of your body and lies on your skin like a food wrap. It has a LED display which displays user’s vital stats like heart rate and blood oxygen levels.

Called as e-skin, this wearable technology application can be used in conjunction with future wearables like a health monitor to display vital data right on your skin. The ultimate goal is to replace the use of smartphones and give the user a second skin which acts like a superhuman accessory to make calls, assess fitness goals, receive texts etc.

e-skin wearable tattoo_1

The display of e-skin uses thin flexible organic light-emitting diode that shows three colors. The thin electronic tattoo is still in the initial stage of its development and it will be interesting to see what the researchers are going to add to it in the future.

e-skin wearable tattoo

Credit: NewScientist



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