King of all power banks is here – 120,600mAh monster for extended adventure trips

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We live in a world dominated by power hungry gadgets that need frequent charging. To satisfy that lust, versatile power banks do a good job. With time the size and capacity of your average battery bank is improving and that is good news. While we are talking about charging your gadgets on the go, this heavyweight power bank stands out in the crowd. Anker PowerHouse is an abundant resource for your devices like smartphone, laptop, lamp or even a mini-fridge. As the name suggests, this power bank has a mind-blowing capacity of 120,600mAh which is enough to charge your phone 40 times or laptop 15 times over.

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The power generator is not just limited to charging your gadgets, it can also be used for any electronic appliance thanks to the 2V car socket, an AC outlet and 4 fast-charging USB ports. Anker PowerHouse can be recharged in 10 hours’ time and solar charging capability will follow soon. A small LCD panel in front of the device indicates the ports in use and the estimated time to charge the gadget/appliance connected to it.

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The possible scenarios in which this power bank can be used are limitless and the ones I can think of include camping trips, road trips or situations where power outage is ruining your weekend.

Such mega power resource comes at a steep price of $399.99 which is after discount. For ones who always wanted such a power bank this is like god sent angel.

Anker Powerhouse

Via: AndroidPolice



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