Hidden Time wristwatch has one of the most amusing way to tell time

Hidden Time Watch

Seoul-based industrial designer Hiwoong Jung has made a quite creative attempt to revive charm of wristwatches. He has come out with a one of the coolest way to tell the time. Jung has designed the Hidden Time concept watch with a theme that might sounds obvious but wasn’t explored by anyone so far.

Wrist watch concept

The watch is an example of minimal design in which the hour hand is replaced by the leading edge of a color gradient. Numbers are printed onto the crystal in white color. The gradient slowly cycles around to denote the current time. The gradient becomes darker with each passing hour after one ‘O’ clock to eventually turn completely dark at twelve ‘O’ clock.

It appears like the time is trapped in a cycle of darkness and light. It begins with light, like a day begins with sunrise, and ends with darkness, like at midnight. Isn’t that an altogether different idea to tell time?

Hidden Time watch by Hiwoong Jung 6
Smartwatches haunts the future of single purpose simple wrist watches not only because they are multipurpose and compliment your smart devices, but also in terms of fashion trend.

Hidden Time watch by Hiwoong Jung 4

This evolution of wristwatches into smartwatches is inevitable. Currently the smartwatches aren’t affordable for everyone and it’ll take some time for them to become common accessories.

Hidden Time watch by Hiwoong Jung

Hidden Time watch by Hiwoong Jung 5

Source: Design Milk



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