Some tips and essential gadget survival guide

Survival guide with gadgets

It’s 2016 and yet life is still full of first world problems that you just can’t help but let bother you. However, fortunately for you we’ve produced a life hack guide that may just make things that little bit easier for you. Unlike any other list of smart tips and things you didn’t know before, this one obviously includes gadgets because we like things geeky.

# Why phone charging cable is short

There’s a high chance you’re reading this on your smartphone, and if not, then it’s definitely within arms reach. So have you ever wondered why the charger cord length is so short? Because using your mobile whilst it’s charging can damage the battery. So avoid using your phone while it is charging as results can be dangerous even fatal at times.

# Revive that damaged DVD

In another technology related tip, if a DVD is skipping due to too many scratches, then be sure to rub a banana across it to seal all scratches. Then wipe your disk and there you go! And that’s not the only use for a banana, if you want whiter teeth, take the inside of the peel and gently rub it around your teeth for roughly two minutes.

# Battery to make fire

If you are an adventure seeker, chances are that you’ll get stuck in the wild eventually and that too with your smartphone. In such a situation, take out the lithium ion battery and rub metal material to the end of each of the terminal to create fire. This will create a spark that can be used to light a quick fire without being an expert like Bear Grills. Or maybe if you have a lemon, a wire and some nails you can turn your geeky brains on and create electricity to make fire.

# Gadget goldmine parts

In case you get stuck in the wilderness, the best thing to do is burst open your gadgets once they have used the last ounce of battery power. The circuit board and silicon material can be used for many things like fishing line or use the glass surface as a signal indicator to rescue helicopters. Also the sharp parts act as a good cutter to slice through raw meat.

# Life hack tips

Now you need some self-control methods to help save energy in your home and reduce those bills. Making sure your taps are turned off properly can save you up to £18 a year, whilst washing at 30C can save you £45. Additionally, turning down your thermostat by just 1C can save you a further £85.

Whilst it may seem costly to do there and then, upgrading all of your windows to B-rated double glazing can save you £170 in energy bills, as the windows will trap more heat, keeping your house warm.



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