Raven’s 12V wearable heated sleeping bag liner cum gadget charger

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Utah-based startup Raven is offering wearable heated sleeping bag liners for outdoor activities like camping or trekking in cold regions. It promises keeping you warm in any sort of cold conditions and would eliminate uncomfortable feet and bodies while you are out there, having fun at your camping trip.

It’s a wearable liner that can be used in addition to sleeping bag. It works as heated overcoat for cold morning and evenings. You can walk around wearing it, which sounds marvelous for people who hate being slapped by cold wind as they walk out from their tent.

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The liner is basically an extra-long jacket with hood and integrated heating elements at the front and back of the core, feet and sides of the hood. It has three setting modes that allow heating up to a temperature of 20 degree Celsius. You can close it around your feet with bottom cinches and the length can be adjusted via drawstring. Height can also be adjusted between 4 and 6 feet according to your comfort level.

It offers consistent heating up to 12 hours, but the number varies with type of battery and heat settings in use. Raven offers a 15,600-mAh lithium polymer battery with a heating time of 4.5 hours in high settings and about 30 hours in low settings. In high settings, both core and feet would be heated, while in low settings, only feet are heated. Second option comes with 7,800 mAh, and the heating time is reduced by half in this case.

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Bottom of the liner hosts the curved battery pack that includes 12V and USB outlets that also let you charge your gadgets.

When you don’t require it, it can be packed down into a 24×14 cm stuff sack that weighs only 2 lb with 7,800 mAh battery and 2.7 lb with larger 15,600 batteries.

heated body jacket

The jacket is machine-washable and water resistant too. Raven have hosted a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and have collected six times its goal while it has more than 50 days left to go.

Pledge starts at US $179 for this sleeping bag lines with 15,600 mAh battery and Raven hope to start shipping by October this year.

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Source: Kickstarter



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