Faraday Future’s Chinese funder unveils its own driverless electric car to leap-frog Tesla

LeSEE electric car by LeEco 2

Until a couple of months ago, Tesla had totally nailed dominant position in electric car production. First rival popped up when Faraday Future made recent announcement regarding construction of $1 billion Megafactory in Nevada for the production of its autonomous electric concept car.

But what should worry Tesla right now is Chinese firm LeEco’s newly announced LeSEE autonomous electric car that can do it right from the offset. Surprisingly, LeEco is also investing in Future Faraday’s electric car production. While California based Faraday Future expects to complete construction of its factory by 2017-18, LeEco’s autonomous car is already rocking the road.

LeSEE electric car by LeEco 5

The car was announced last night in China, and it was a moment worth watching when the car drove itself out of the container on a voice command given through smartphone by company’s CEO Jia Yueting.

Tesla Motors is not going to like this development

LeSEE has an LED loop that can be lit in different parts, like indicators or fog lights. Rear doors have a hinge towards the rear instead of usual front.

Second best aspect of all autonomous cars is integration of entertainment tools, like LCD screens to kill time. LeSEE has LCDs almost everywhere inside it.

LeSEE electric car by LeEco 3

You should also know that LeEco is not only bankrolling Faraday Future, but is also working with Aston Martin to help it develop its first electric car, the RapidE.

China appears to have breached electric car industry that was dominated by Toyota, GM, and Volkswagen until now. These brands were selling about 30 million cars a year.

In brief, the competition for Tesla is growing and China is leaving no stone unturned to boost up its indigenous EV manufactures. Chinese government is throwing huge incentives to companies who are investing in electric car market.

LeSEE electric car by LeEco 4

LeSEE electric car by LeEco

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