Weekend Projects: Paper Stirling Engine works on hot water and ice

DIY Stirling Engine

As a blogger being jammed in my chair for more than 8 hours can get boring during the latter half of the day. That is why a paper weight or any item that you need to fiddle around with can be a good time pass and stress buster. Even better if there is something unique and made at home. Have a look at this Paper LTD Stirling Engine created by Aliaksei Zholner and you’ll be tempted to make one yourself this weekend.

Made from paper, cardboard and few other household items, this paper model runs on bowl of hot water and ice. The idea is to use the use the property of hot water and cold ice to create a wave which pushes the diaphragm made from napkin to expand and contract. This moves the small wheel for an extended period of time which looks absolutely cool on your desk.

Zholner has posted details on how to make one for yourself, however I would have preferred to watch a video on how to make it.

Credit: PopularMechanics



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