Philip the duck gets 3D printed flippers to walk again comfortably

Philip Duck 3D printed flippers

Any act of kindness towards animals shows that humanity is still alive and kicking. Although such people are not banking on any karma points, it surely doesn’t go unnoticed I’m sure. This time around it is a poor little duck that gets a pair of 3D printed flippers from god sent angels to get a new lease of life. After getting the flippers damaged due to frostbite during the harsh Wisconsin winter, Phillip the duck got a pair of new ones thanks to 3D printing technology.

The lucky chap got rescued by Vicki Rabe-Harrison who was desperate to help the duck with a poor quality of life. That help came from Mr. Jason Jischke, an engineering teacher at South Park Middle School. He made a 3D printed pair of flippers made from semi-flexible material called Ninja Flex. It took around 36 hours to make these 3D printed flippers and Philip was all set for a new lease of life.

After almost 6 weeks of trial and error, the duck finally got a hang of the prosthetic flippers. Now the cute duck enjoys life, just like it did before the harsh winters. Now the rescuer has send the duck to Autumn Farm animal sanctuary owned by Alyssa Herbst and her husband Brandon.

Philip Duck 3D printed flippers

Via: Mashable



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