Eelume’s slithering robot-snake is ready for seabed inspections and repairs

eelume snake robot 3

Human advances toward sophisticated slave robots are getting closer to what used to be limited to sci-fi movies, for instance the snake machine in ‘Terminator Salvation 2009’ – kind of an underwater weapon. A company is testing a similar robot these days. A Norwegian company, Eelume, in partnership with Statoil and Kongsberg Maritime, has fastened their research to put their new robotic snake into production. It can propel itself under water to swim like an actual serpent. It has a clamp like mouth and glowing red eyes. The video is really creepy, like evil machines swarming around, waiting to tear apart your body into pieces with their scary mechanical mouths.

Anyway, these robotic snakes aren’t weapons (so far) and are being developed to perform underwater task, like inspection and light intervention jobs on seabed. Eelume robots are slender and flexible, thus, capable of approaching spots where human hand can’t.

These robotic snakes can be installed on the seabed to perform various tasks like visual inspections, cleaning, adjusting valves and chokes with its clamp-mouth. The demo video explains the entire concept.

With our unique expertise in the field of snake robotics Eelume is the first company in the world to bring these amazing robots into an industrial setting. Now we take the step from academia and into the commercial world to secure our place in the new and exciting subsea intervention landscape.

says Pål Liljebäck CTO Eelume.

These bots will not only make seabed tasks easier to perform, but will also cut massive expenditures on heavy machinery for mobility on sea floor.

Company hasn’t revealed details about energy source to facilitate propulsion and other kinetic movements. It’s obvious that Eelume would remove the cables visible in test videos because it could result in cluttering otherwise.

eelume snake robot

Considering its application, the snake is meant to work in a defined area and won’t require long backup. Both companies have decades of experience in marine robotics, so we can expect production of snake-robot very soon.

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Source: Kongs Berg



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