World’s first automatic dog washing machine invented by Thai students

Dog washing machine

Did you ever wish there was a dog washing machine so that you don’t have to wrestle with your pet while giving it a good bath? Most dogs wouldn’t mind bathing, but most of them won’t just stay still. This need has inspired some Thai students and teachers to invent a dog-wash machine that’ll do all the washing by itself. The brightly colored machine is made of PVC pipes and has motorized brushes, running water and soap injector for a complete dog wash.

Once the dog is inside a cage like structure, entire body except the head is scrubbed by motorized brushes that move back and forth. The video shows a nervous poodle getting a bath while a lady is stroking his head reassuringly to make him feel safe.

But, there are some questions raised by pet owners who came across this video. First one is about cleaning the underside of the dog, which isn’t visible in the video. Secondly, some affectionate people didn’t like the idea of putting their pet into a cage and abandoning it for a few minutes. The dog would be terrified in captivity for sure. Even the poodle in the video clearly looked stressed and that’s why a lady was caressing him, stroking his head.

So, what do you say? Would you like to own one to make dog-wash easier? let’s hear about it in the comments section.



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