SkySafe promises to safeguard restricted airspace from rouge drones

SkySafe drone security

Drones came, they amused us and now they are a bit of menace. Fact that a drone can fly anywhere and breach any air space makes them dangerous if in the wrong hands. That is why many drone restrictions are now in place to prevent them from going into places they are not meant to be. There have been a handful methods to disable rouge drones and now we have SkySafe. Grant Jordan, a graduate from MIT having computer science degree along with his co-founders has launched this drone protection method which has raised $3 million funding.

Skysafe can identify rouge drones from the ones that are authorized to fly in a specific air space and neutralize them. The company didn’t detail-in on the technique they use to do so, but they can wirelessly identify a drone and then decide to either take control of it or bring it down to the ground immediately. The system can also identify the location of the person flying the drone and if needed authorities can detain him/her.

SkySafe drone security

On other side of the coin manufacturers like DJI believe that this is against the law if an unauthorized operator is trying to bring down a drone in unrestricted space. That’s like a game of cat and mouse which is going to go far into the distant future. There is not much on the official website of SkySafe drone safety apart from the one off video which shows the handheld device disabling the drone.

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