Paper Airplane Machine shoots out paper planes autonomously

Paper Airplane Machine

We all love paper planes and undoubtedly all of us have flown them at some point in our childhood days. Making a paper plane takes some effort but some ingenious blokes leave that to a machine. We saw the uber’-cool 3D printed gun shooting out airplanes like bullets and the Lego paper plane machine that can craft perfect paper planes better than you and shoot them out. Now a student has posted his paper airplane machine on Reddit that we found to absolutely cool.

There are no details on how the machine is made or how it carves paper into an airplane. The only thing we have is a gif image and a short video to show it. The machine folds paper almost like the other two machines mentioned above and if you are also planning to make one, you’ll get plenty of information for doing so.

Via: PopularMechanics



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