A glimpse of future at world’s first pop-up drone café

blue jay drone cafe

World’s first drone café will be serving drinks at “Dream and Dare” festival being celebrated to mark 60th anniversary of the Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE). In this café, autonomous drones will replace bartenders and serve under human command from April 22 to 24.

A team of 20 students from TUE worked for nine months on this project they call ‘’Blue Jay” According to the team, the purpose of this initiative is to showcase the potential capabilities including lifting and transportation of delicate objects, such as a glass of a cocktail.

In design, this small drone resembles a small white flying saucer with a luminescent strip for eyes. The drone can fly to a consumer at a table and take an order while it keeps hovering. The client point toward preferred signal and the drone would be back in no time with glass of order cocktail. It’ll display a list of available drinks to register orders. The drone features a pair of pinchers underneath it which actually grips the drinks. Each drone has cost 2,000 euros to the team, which was sponsored by the university.

Team wanted to show the world that human kind is on the verge of exploring permanent place for drones among us, living in complex social environment and interacting with humans. These drones would be able to navigate within apartment premises using GPS and various sensors. They could be saviors in emergencies, perform common domestic services to families or individuals, or maybe even chase burglars for them.

Well, it’s the human tendency to innovate slave machines and now these machines are even getting their own artificial brains. While, this team want to focus only positive services provided by these autonomous drones, but it’s a bitter truth that negative or harmful consequences can’t be ignored.

That’s why, as innovators work on autonomous robots, they are also preparing to combat the predicted menace of rogue drones, like SkySafe – a drone protection method invented by Grant Jordan, a graduate from MIT having computer science degree along with his co-founders which has raised $3 million funding.

But there is no doubt that it sounds exciting to see drones interacting with you, taking order, and delivering it without any mistake. Isn’t it?

Source: TUE.NL



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