Livia smart device shocks away your menstrual cramps

iPulse Livia for Period Pain

Each month, women have to go through crippling agony when menstrual cramps begin. This leads them to strong painkillers or hot water bottles for relieving the pain. But no more painkillers, hot water bottles and the awful pain itself, as iPulse Medical has create a pain-relieving menstruation wearable, named Livia.

Unlike other solutions for menstrual pain, Livia promises to be a drug-free pain management device that literally ‘shocks away’ your cramps through electrical impulses. To use the compact device, you need to attach two gel pads to the skin, mainly the painful area – be it your lower abdomen or back. The unit attached with the gel pads can be clipped on to your trousers or other clothing without being visible to others. So, any one around you won’t be able to figure out that you’re wearing any electrical device underneath your clothing.

Once turned on, the device starts sending electrical impulses to the target area for blocking the pain. Basically the electrical impulses pass through electrodes on the skin to target area for interrupting messages from nerves to the brain. Due to the interrupted signals , you brain cannot recognize any sort of pain in body, thus you’re easily relieved from the cramps. The intensity of these impulses can be increased or decreased using the plus/minus buttons on the device.

iPulse Livia for Period Pain

Effect of this amazing pain-relieving device can last for 15 hours. Moreover, it can be turned on or off depending on the level of pain. Although the device is still not approved by FDA, but light electrical impulses to relieve pain are considered safe by most physicians.

Currently, makers of the device are seeking funds on Indiegogo and there’s no surprise that it has already surpassed the initial funding goals. For $85, you can preorder your own device and wait till it come out in October 2016.

iPulse Livia for Period Pain

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