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DJI Phantom 4 drone

DJI Phantom is undoubtedly one of the most advanced and intelligent quadcopter that I have come across. It has intelligent obstacle avoidance technology and increased flight time to let you do more as a creative individual. Keeping in mind that the drone will be used in rugged terrain and adverse weather conditions too, DJI has made it from magnesium core shell. DJI Phantom 4 can go at a top speed of 44 mph which is ideal for high octane sports and action sequence capturing like never before. The best thing about this quadcopter is its range of 3.1 miles, making it the most advanced drone on the planet.

DJI want to make this an unparalleled drone and that is why they have made sure no loophole is kept unplugged. They have beefed up the battery to 5350 mAh, providing 28 minutes of flight time. That however can be extended to 30 minutes with some smart flying skills like using the natural wind to give some assistance or not flying into strong winds too much. To top it off, Phantom 4 has some of the most intelligent autonomous flying features, making it ideal for newbies and first time drone flyers.

DJI Phantom 4 vs. DJI Phantom 3

In every aspect Phantom 4 is superior to its predecessor Phantom 3 both in the looks and essential features. First-up the drone has a 10 mph advantage over Phantom 3. there is a redesigned gimbal which is mostly hidden in the body with better body protection. The video recording is also a major improvement with an improved camera. One major improvement in Phantom 4 is the non-existing propeller while shooting. Now this was a major flaw in DJI Phantom 3.

Real-time 3D obstacle scanning for lesser chances of crashes. However, the anti-collision system works only in forward mode and is rendered a bit useless in night time. The new update makes the drone more stable and has noticable improvement in flight time. the battery has also been beefed from 4480 mAh to 5350 mAh in the Phantom 4 model.

dji phantom 4

All that luxury comes at a steep price tag of $1,399 USD and those looking to buy it can avail a special discount. Our alliance with GearBest brings a discount of $50 USD on DJI Phantom 4 drone. All you have to do is use the coupon code “JRDJP4” and get it for a price of $1,349 USD. There are only 20 drones in stock and you can head right over to Gearbest sale webpage.

dji phantom 4

Final Verdict:

DJI Phantom 4 does pack a punch when it comes to a complete package. It has a high quality 4K camera, increased flight time, much better stabilization and autonomous flight capabilities that are unmatchtable. Although the price tag is a bit on the higher side, this quadcopter is the best you can get. It is ideal for professional as well as amateur videography which will bring out your skills in the best possible way.



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