Rakuten to test its autonomous drone delivery service at golf course

Rakuten'sdrone delivery service at the golf course

While, Dutch have opened world’s first pop-up drone café where autonomous drones would be taking orders and serving cocktails, a Japanese delivery service provider Rakuten will be testing its drone service Sky, to deliver goods, snacks, water, equipments etc. to a selected golf course for a month. The testing will begin on May 9 at the Camel Golf Resort.

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The Sky drones are autonomous and can be operated through a dedicated Android app. For now, the client can order goods using the mobile app from the selected golf course. The app will display all data regarding drone carrying capacity and range. Once ordered, only an authorized and identified Rakuten employee will be able to initiate loading process. Take a look at the video, you’ll get a better idea of what we are talking about:

To make it compatible for delivery job, the fuselage of the drone is fitted with a lock mechanism. The good are packed in a box of suitable size and the drone leave for the defined destination. It reaches at a specifically designed platform to unload the package and return to its previous location flying autonomously all the time.
If client’s order exceeds 100 yen, there would be no delivery charges. Through the app, the client can follow step by step procedure from preparing the package to delivery.

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Further for windy, hostile flying conditions, the Sky has domestic auto-pilot function to provide it additional stability.

The service provider would frame its future planning on the basis feedback it would receive from one month trial. Well, the scope is bright for drones and these machines could actually make life easier for people living in scarcely populated areas, mountainous regions, or in disaster management.

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