eFoldi: Collapsible e-scooter transforms into a seat, luggage carrier and charges your gadgets

efoldi multipurpose

eFoldi, a shape-shifting electric scooter designed by London-based father-daughter team, is on Kickstarter for crowdfunding. Jianmin and SumiWang, the designers, have come up with collapsible e-sctoor that can be transformed into a seat, luggage carriage, a seat and can charge gadgets with provided USB port. It had rocked the British Inventors Project at the Gadget Show Live exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham. Prior to that, it had claimed the gold medal at the 2015 Beijing Invention Competition and the Grand Prize at the 2015 Surrey Entrepreneur UK Academy.

This e-scooter can transport upto 100 kg of load, which implies most of the adults would be able to use it. For mobility, it could run for maximum 20 kilometers at speed of 4 mph on a full charge. For recreational use, it can go upto 12.5 mph. When not in use it can be folded into a carry-on suitcase-sized package. It can also be wheeled along or you can stow away it away.

efoldi e-scooter

Made form a combination of aluminum and steel, the maker kept it lighter at 19 kg. This amusing, multipurpose scooter will be offered with two versions (different batteries). There is a 24 V, 12Ah AirSafe battery pack that weighs 1.1 kg, and has a rage of 3.7 to 6.2 miles at full charge that would take about 1.5 hours.

The second option comes with heavier battery and longer range. The larger 24, 12Ah FarReach battery weighs 2.7 kg and can cover a distance of 20-30 kms on a full charge. Charging time for FarReach is about 4.5 hours.

efoldi scooter

For production, the eFoldi is on Kickstarter with pledge starting at US $1,000 and has achieved about half of its funding target. Although, in UK, the eFoldi is classified as type three scooter, but buyers from other countries must confirm it before ordering.

If all went well, the eFoldi will be in production soon with an expected delivery date starting from October this year.

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