World’s only forensic jeweler identifies victims using a completely new technique

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Whenever a natural disaster or crime scene needs to be investigated, a forensic experts is called in to do the job. To identify the unrecognizable body of a person who has unfortunately succumb to the event, a forensic expert can literally dig the ashes and recreate what happened at the crime scene and help authorities get hold of the criminal. Now, a now kind of forensic method has come to the fore. 27-year old Maria Maclennan, a Scottish student has become the world’s first forensic jeweler who identifies victims from the jewelry they wear. This started as a part of her project at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design which involved identifying victims through their jewelry and helping police.

white gold, diamond

white gold, diamond

According to her jewelry can come unharmed even after disasters like collapse of a building or a plane crash. Apparently she is the only person in this world who uses this technique, and so far she has baffled officers with some of her work. Maria worked with the police after the Namibia plane crash that involved 33 fatalities in 2013. Her work includes identifying victims at the Germanwings crash site in the French Alps which killed 144 passengers and 6 crew members.

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So far she uses a technique which identifies tiny barcodes and hallmarks to identify where the item was bought. Then through her knowledge and experience she links all the missing pieces together. The next step for Maria is to standardize this method which will help her in teaching it to other prospect jewelry forensics.

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