Robot Kingdom – Amusement park run entirely by 200 autonomous robots

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Robotics has already begun to penetrate the human society. So far, they are very few in numbers, but guess what, they are sophisticated enough to take over an entire Japanese amusement park. A couple of days ago, world’s first pop-up drone café was demonstrated at a Dutch University. Now “Huis Ten Bosch”, a Dutch-theme amusement park in Nagasaki, Japan, is all set to become the smartest place on earth, run entirely by autonomous robots capable of cooking, serving, cleaning after guests have eaten, and communicate as well. Drone delivery services are already under trails, that’s a big reason to worry for employed human servants. Isn’t it?

It’ll be called “Robot Kingdom” with 200 robots-only staff including chiefs. From July onward, you can get admission into the kingdom for $59.33 a day, which is not bad. Moreover, the facility will also invite other inventors to test their technologies. The park is actually a part of a smart hotel, which had started operating last year. The hotel already has three customer-service robots, one service that serves guests coffee and others that perform different tasks. Hotel’s guests are welcomed by 10 lifelike robots and guests checked-in by robots along with carrying their luggage to respective rooms. Even room cleaning is carried out by the bots.

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There are no keys in the hotel, rather, doors have face recognition technology, strictly limiting access to you based on your appearance.

The room cans detect body heat and set the temperature accordingly. Guest just need summon service bots via a tablet. Entire cyborg staff is monitored by staff of 10 real humans. President of the company, Hideo Sawada expects the robots to undertake 90 percent of workload in the hotel. All-robot staff sounds awesome as well awful at the same time to imagine the future is almost here.

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Anyway, after July, you can get a room at park’s smart hotel for $62 per night and $80 if you go for twin room per night.

Source: Daily Mail



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