Lego Mark II SkyTrain steals the show at BrickCan

LEGO SkyTrain

At the BrickCan – B.C.’s biggest ever public Lego exhibition – Willing Fong, a Vancouver man and a public transit infrastructure enthusiast attracted a lot of attention for his Lego version of Mark II SkyTrain for which he gave four years (one in making) of his life to this project.

Fong said:

My model exists because of the Lego windshield piece and its identical shape to the Mark II’s [windshield].The 2009 Mark II, in my opinion, was an excellent and modern direction for the city’s transit system,

His SkyTrain can move as it has motorized wheels, but he is looking to undertake another upgrade session to make it exactly identical to the real one.

SkyTrain LEGO interior

He wants to install OLED screens for digital signboards on the front of the cars, add orange lights to the door jambs, and redo all the wiring. He hopes to display a working model at next year’s convention.

What attending Lego conventions has taught us in past years is that you are never too old to play with bricks. And, this man is a live example of the greatest love affair between Lego and its fans who have an undying passion for colorful bricks.

Lego Skytrain BrickCanLego Skytrain BrickCan 3Lego-Skytrain-BrickCan-22




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