Lego Imperial Star Destroyer having three level interior

Lego Tyrant Star Destroyer

Original Star Wars movie’s opening scene showed the Imperial Star Destroyer make an intimidating entry and the fans love it. For that very reason this Star Destroyer named ISD Tyrant is so popular for so many years now. Imgur user [Doomhandle] looks like a fan of the Star Wars series and that is why he has created a 4feet long Tyrant Star Destroyer from Legos. The replica is so huge that he had to create it in three levels, and not to forget it is almost 70 pounds in weight.

Lego Tyrant Star Destroyer_1

The Lego replica of Tyrant is made completely from Lego bricks, apart from the LED lights that will be used in it. This homemade version is about 20 inches longer than the classic LEGO UCS version that was released in 2014. Not only are the exteriors impressive, but the interiors too are quite detailed too. The three level interior has a bridge, conference room, Sith meditation chamber and a medical bay. That is not all the replica has a medical bay, turbo lift, canteen and hangar bays. All-in-all the Lego Tyrant Star Destroyer is nothing less than cool. Have a look at some pictures below.

Lego Tyrant Star Destroyer_9

Lego Tyrant Star Destroyer_8

Lego Tyrant Star Destroyer_7

Lego Tyrant Star Destroyer_6

Lego Tyrant Star Destroyer_5

Lego Tyrant Star Destroyer_4

Lego Tyrant Star Destroyer_3

Lego Tyrant Star Destroyer_2

Lego Tyrant Star Destroyer_16

Lego Tyrant Star Destroyer_15

Lego Tyrant Star Destroyer_14

Lego Tyrant Star Destroyer_13

Lego Tyrant Star Destroyer_12

Lego Tyrant Star Destroyer_11

Lego Tyrant Star Destroyer_10

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