Samsung Otto – New ‘personal assistant robot’ looking to leapfrog Amazon Echo/Alexa

Samsung Otto personal assitant robot

Samsung wanted to point out some of their advance technologies, which it did very well at the Samsung Developer Conference 2016 held in San Francisco. The Korean tech giant is after robotics and IoT (Internet of things) from the past couple of years and at the SDC, company took the veil off its come out with ‘Otto’- personal assistant robot or say smart speaker prototype that can establish connectivity and control a number of IoT devices.

Samsung Unveils “Otto” IoT Assistant Robot At SDC 2016

If you remember, the Amazon’s Echo/Alexa lineup is also based on the same concept. It can also play a radio station, tell you what the traffic or weather is like and can even tell you a joke. But Samsung has incorporated some more features in ‘Otto’ than Amazon Echo. ‘Otto’ can be described as a smart speaker in a shape of small white device equipped with ARTIK chips with a microphone, and HD camera that can stream live videos on your mobile.

The camera-angles can be adjusted from mobile. From the point of home security, the live streaming video in an assistant robot is a giant leap. It can answer questions with a variety of facial expression when prompted like Siri or Alexa, and can control your AC, lights, and other smart devices. All you need to do is, give it simple voice commands, like “Otto switch lights on for me or turn down the heat for me.”

Samsung Otto personal assitant robot 2

It’s still clunky and raises question regarding security issues. Is it a wise thing to incorporate so many technologies including live HD video streaming in a device that is further connected to other IoTs? IoTs are quite vulnerable to hacking attempts and in that case, a stranger can get hold of your smart-house controls including smart-locking mechanisms.

Luckily, Samsung won’t be launching it any time soon in the market, or that’s what appears from company’s statement in which they clearly suggest more testing with ‘Otto’. It’s still clunky, but still can offer you ‘not having to get up from the sofa’ tech.

Samsung would be working with Wolfram Alpha to add more intelligence into ‘Otto’ and leapfrog Amazon. Otto would be able to detect the direction of the source and reply to the one who asked the question. There would be face and gait recognition.

Samsung Otto personal assitant robot3

Even if Samsung isn’t in a hurry rolling out ‘Otto’ for sale right now, the possibility is quite high that other manufactures would be delivering something similar very soon.

It would be creepy, but quite an efficient companion to make you as lazier as possible.

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