Crazy Inventions: Colin Furze shows-off his Hoverbike in style

Hoverbike by Colin Furze

As our dream to fly solo lives on for so many decades, we are bound to witness attempts to do. And why wouldn’t we in such a technology dominated era. Colin Furze might have been one such person with dreams to fly off the ground. It is one thing craving for a dream, and completely other making it come true. The crazy brit has surprised me with his latest invention which has earned my respect. A Hoverbike that’s completed in a few weeks’ time and with no prior knowledge of engineering or aerospace, he has baffled the world again.

Of course his wit and crazy style makes you keep peeking at what he is up to, and after a lot of design changes and tinkering Colin has mastered his Hoverbike a bit. This has to be his most dangerous and innovative project so far from his countless inventions that make him popular. The unpredictable guy he is, to add some flair he fits the Hoverbike with some firework rockets which make him look like a super-villain in the night sky.

WATCH: Production version of Flike hoverbike debuts at Middle East Extreme Sports Expo

Everything about this creation is amazing and you will want to have a look at these videos describing the design process of Hoverbike in detail.



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