Catterbox: World’s first speaking cat-collar sounds clunky

Catterbox cat collar

A team over at Temptations Lab and London ad agency adam&eveDDB is hailing its innovation called Catterbox as world’s first smart-collar for cats that can translate their mews into human voice. The lab came into existence in 2015 and dedicatedly worked for innovating something that helps humans have more fun with their pet cats. So, after one year they came up with a 3D printed collar with a speaker, microphone, bluetooth and WiFi.

Well, it appears to be a silly idea to play pre-recorded human sounds on detection of a particular type of mew.  The team claims it did a research on cat mews and came up with best human translations, which is highly doubtful and base-less.  Guess what, the owner can re-arrange the pre-recorded human voices to match it with his cat’s particular mew sound.

catterbox speaking collar

Your cat will sound funny and look super cute at the same time

After watching videos, it sounds really weird to hear computerized, sort of clunky sound in heavy voice against soft mew sounds.  One of the video shows a kitty coming out of its cabin and then mewing followed by reply of awkward “Hello” sound. Hear it yourself in the video below.

At most, the collar can be considered as a comic gadget to turn your cat into a complete idiot, which doesn’t sound that bad. It’s just a fun tool, hailed as breakthrough at its launch in New Zealand and the US today.


Source: Adweek



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