Man builds charming road legal wooden car based on 1985 Pontiac Fiero

Ken Ryn wooden car 2

A piece of painstakingly incredible wooden work came into light when Nebraska State Patrol shared picture of a handmade wooden car on Facebook wall. They pulled over the car on Highway 281 near South Dakota border for license plate violation. But what they came across just made their day.

Ken Ryn wooden car

The maker, Ken Ryan, have been a woodworker and a ferocious traveler. He spent number of years abroad and owned many rare car models. He was so obsessed with the classic wood-bodied 1920 Hispano-Suiza that he wanted to build his own wooden car.

So, he ended up building what he calls the Travit. Travit is based on a 1985 Pontiac Fiero which was quite a popular car in its era. Ken gave it a 4.6 liter NorthstarV8 engine, fitted in a chassis made from Atlantic White Cedar over a Baltic Birch Frame with oil finish exteriors. The nose of the car is an epoxy over wooden framework and the interiors feature birch and leather.

Ken Ryn wooden car 3

Surprisingly, Ken didn’t use computer for the design, and instead revived school time nostalgia of chalk lines on garage floor. No doubt, he has been attracting a lot of attention for his remarkable creation that looks absolutely at home on a serene drive into the woods.

Ken Ryn wooden car 5

Ken Ryn wooden car 4

Images: The Car Connection



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