Apple Watch hacked to run Windows 95 OS, nostalgia strikes!

Apple Watch running Windows 95 OS_2

Apple Watch might be more looks and style rather than functionality based smartwatch, but still the brand name keeps it alive. For that very reason, Apple Watch is popular accessory to adorn. Now a geek has managed to hack Apple Watch’s software and run Windows 95 operating system on it. Yes, developer Nick Lee has posted a video on Youtube and elaborated about this hack in a blog post, showing the method for doing so. Since, Apple Watch hardware specifications are much more than what is required to run the Windows 95 OS, Lee decided to give it a shot.

Apple Watch run on a 520 MHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, and has 8GB of internal storage, which is more than sufficient to run Windows 95 OS. That is just the first step of achieving this hack, and the next one is to get past Apple’s operating system restrictions and redundancy to install third-party apps. So, Lee got down to getting around the Apple development software in an unorthodox way and fool it into believing that the emulated Windows 95 software is a Watch app.

Apple Watch running Windows 95 OS_1

The other problem Lee had to get done with was the constant turning off of the display. To solve this hurdle he had to make a motorized tube which turns the Apple Watch’s crown. Keeping its display on at all times.

To move around the cursor in Apple Watch interface, Lee modified the Apple Watch OS to allow Windows 95 cursor to be moved by tapping on the screen.

All of that came good and finally Apple Watch can run Windows 95 OS easily. However, it is worth mentioning that the OD takes a painstaking one hour to boot.

But this hack is geeky none-the-less and Lee who has managed to run Mac OS on Apple Watch last year manages another feat worth appreciating.

Apple Watch running Windows 95 OS

Via: TechCrunch



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