Samsung Gear VR App – Bedtime Stories for kids won’t entice sensible parents

Samsung Gear VR Bedtime VR stories app

Bed time stories will never lose their charm as they kids a way to slowly phase into the dreamy world. Samsung wants to give you another reason to rejoice bed time stories along with your kids as they slumber for the night. In this busy scheduled world, the electronics giant has come up with BedTime VR Stories, a Gear VR app which takes you and your kid into a never before seen mystic world. The solution is targeted towards busy parents who want their kids to make the best use of gadgets at home. In this case, Samsung Gear VR and of course a compatible Samsung smartphone like the Galaxy S7 Edge.

The idea is simple, your kid puts on the Gear VR headset and views a bed time story in VR to let loose the imagination. You have to initiate the Samsung Bedtime VR Stories in 360 view (Youtube Video) and put the Gear VR headset on. For now this is the only bed time story your kid will watch, but many others are going to be added soon by developers.

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This app will disrupt your kid’s sleep cycle and that’s no good

But to me this is a paradox that Samsung is trying to cash in on. As you already know the AMOLED display of the current generation smartphones can be harmful for eyesight, especially when viewed from close-proximity. Also the blue light coming from the phone screen disrupts the sleep cycle and instead of pushing your kid into smooth sleep it is only going to add to the woes.

That I’m afraid is not a smart thing to do, and I’m sure sensible parents will want to keep this option closed. Bad news for Samsung who have developed this app which I don’t think many parents are going to share with their notorious kids.

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