Google patents ‘injectable electronic contact lens’ to cure shortsightedness

Google electronic lens corrects vision

Tech giant Google had filed patent for a smart contact lens that runs on solar energy and enables user to perform functions like measuring glucose levels, and now, it claims another patent for sort of a bionic eye – an electronic contact lens that corrects vision without glasses or traditional contact lenses. Google’s lens can cure shortsightedness with a procedure that sounds quite intrusive and is definitely not meant to be read by squeamish people.

The lens would be injected into the eyeball after taking out the original one. It’ll be injected in liquid for that’ll solidify later and allow attachment to an intra-ocular device. The lens is motorized and has storage, sensors, radio, battery and electronic lens. And all this system is controlled by an external computing device.


The eyeball can receive power wirelessly from an energy harvesting antenna. External processing unit and the lens communicate through a radio. With integrated sensors, the electronic lens can detect user’s efforts to focus on a particular object.

Here is what the patent, filed in 2014 and published in 2016, said:

The electronic lens could be controlled to have a first optical power during a first period of time to provide images of far objects (e.g., objects more than approximately 20 centimeters away from the eye) in focus on the retina of the eye, and the electronic lens could be controlled to have a second optical power greater than the first optical power during a second period of time to provide images of near objects (e.g., objects approximately 9 centimeters away from the eye) in focus on the retina of the eye.

Electronic lens and bionic eyes are almost on the verge of breakthroughs that would change the world for visually impaired, bring a new light into their life. this definitely is a good sign.

Google had started working on this contact lens with embedded micro-cameras a couple of years ago. Moreover, Google isn’t the only one looking forward to make fortune with smart contact lens technology. The Ocumetics Bionic Lenses is a similar concept in which lens can be installed surgically inside the eye within just 8 minutes to instantaneously enhance one’s visual ability considerably. Israeli researcher Professor Zeev Zalevsky (Bar-IIAN University) is also in the queue with the bionic contact lens he had created to provide sensory vision to the blind.

Clearly, Google has big plans for future, especially lens technologies. However, the giant has not given any sign about its plans to actually produce ones of these. It’s likely to take a while to roll out an efficient electronic device for mass production, but sooner or later, it’ll be in the market.

Source: 9to5 Google



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