Westport man’s homemade electric motorcycle fetches him CIE internship

UMass Dartmouth student builds e-bike

A mechanical engineering major, Dustin Roderigues of UMass Dartmouth, Westsport, had designed and built an electric bike in his garage last year. His innovation has fetched him an Internship at the University’s Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) in Fall River. He came across the CIE while attending a Startup Weekend held last winter sponsored by Google for Entrepreneurs. The event invites entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs for hands-on experience of their innovations. The event is a great opportunity for start-ups and individuals to figure out if their ideas are viable or not.


UMass Dartmouth’s IDEAStudio, Rodrigues had also used 3D printing resources. But now, the CIE had provided him access to more resources so that he could refine and upgrade his electric motorycle. He’s fine-tuning the motor and battery pack at the prototype shop. To avoid accidents, he has come up with an audio device that can emit noises similar to gas-powered motorcycle. Rodrigues wishes to start his own electric-bike company after he is done with upgrades in the current model.

CIE Startup Weekend was re-launched in October last year with an intention of expanding its outreach to more entrepreneurs in Massachusetts including students at UMass Darthmouth. The organizers hope to incubate about 25 companies and create 10 high wage jobs. If it actually achieves its goal, then it’ll be generating $24 million to the economy of the region.

Source: Massachusettse Edu



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