Drones dancing to traditional Japanese music with Mt. Fuji as the backdrop

Sky Magic Drone Entertainment show at Mount Fuji

When you look at drones, they are a glimpse of the future dominated by flying machines. These semi-autonomous gizmos have captured the imagination of every geek out there, and the possibilities of what can be done with a drone are very much endless. In the latter half of last year we saw the mesmerizing Guinness World Record set by 100 drones swaying to the tunes of Beethoven. Now, it’s time to head Far East and watch a group of drones spray their magic with Mount Fuji as the backdrop during sunset.

Sky Magic used 20 MIDI controlled drones fitted with 16,500 LED lights to put together this spell-bounding performance produced by MicroAd. Of course the drones danced to the music created by shamisens, the Japanese traditional guitars. Tsuyoshi Takashiro wanted to create different type of magic using drones, and that is what this performance is about.

Look how these drones sway perfectly as the LED lights extenuate their moves

The drones move in perfect sync and the lighting was also timed perfectly. With Mount Fuji in the backdrop, it looks as spectacular as it can be. A flawlessly put forth performance which seemed like an ideal mix of the traditional Japanese culture and the modern technological advances. This guys is Sky Magic’s Drone Entertainment Show that could not have got any better.

Via: RocketNews



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