IBM Watson develops a ‘Cognitive Dress’ with fashion house Marchesa

ibm watson cognitive dress
Did you go through model Karolina Kurkova’s profile today? On Monday, at the New York Met Gala held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she was wearing a ‘cognitive dress’ designed by a fashion house and a tech giant. Her dress, as she mentioned in her Tweet, can respond to your tweets. 

As you can see, designer and tech giants are eager to embed electronics into fashion accessories that can process information to reveal wearers mood or personality, like the Sosolo sneakers that can download data from wearer’s social media profiles to create a set of data that further stimulate emission of a particular light to express person’s mood.

cognitive sress by ibm watson

But IBM thinks of experimenting with the wedding of cognitive computing and fabrics. The tech giant collaborated with New York-based fashion brand Marchesa to develop a ‘cognitive dress’ or say, a data driven dress. Obviously, we are talking about IBM Watson – the supercomputer that uses natural language processing and machine learning, and is capable of providing insights from gigantic piles of unstructured data. That makes it a platform based on scientific disciplines of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

So, what Watson would do to a fabric; make it think for you? It’ll actually make you the fabric, embedded with LEDs and fabric flowers inside to produce light of a specific color based on social media responses on wearer’s profile. The dress can respond to five key emotions: joy, passion, excitement, encouragement and curiosity.

To make it possible, Watson went deep into learning Marchesa’s color palette. Watson extracted hundreds of images associated with dresses made by the womenswear company.

Rest of the process involved finalizing the colors, sourcing a fabric, narrowing down sources and identifying printed and woven textiles that could solve the purpose. Based on some characteristic, like luminosity, flexibility and weight, a specific type of fabric was picked up.

The entire purpose of the dress was to show up what Wastson can do, and for that, IBM chose the Met Gala.

Source: TechTimes



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