LG’s innovative smartphone fingerprint sensor is almost invisible

LG Fingerprint sensor

Fingerprint sensors for mobile devices have become the standard these days, giving the user easy access to their device. Some manufacturers add it to the front section, while others prefer putting it on the back panel. Now, LG wants to change that norm and come-up with a fingerprint sensor that takes less space and eliminates the need for a separate button to do so. The South Korean giant has developed a fingerprint sensor that sits right beneath the glass panel of the phone screen, which saves space and looks elegant as far as the design aesthetics go.

This new fingerprint sensor only takes around 0.01-inch space under the cover glass, thereby completely hiding the hardware without the need for any exposed hardware. This makes the device sleek and also makes sure the sensors is not affected by liquid since it is on the other side of the glass. The new kind of module has 99.998 percent which is more than acceptable.

This fingerprint sensor is almost invisible without any buttons

For now LG Innotek has no plans to incorporate this fingerprint sensor module in the upcoming devices, but is looking for a manufacturer to adopt this technology first. The company wants to do that within a year’s time, and although it has no plans to bring this new kind of sensor to its future device, the option can still not be counted out.

This spells good news for buyers who like ultra-sleek devices with no protruding hardware elements that mar the look of the phone. This fingerprint sensor is going to be hidden well under the glass which makes it a future norm for the mobile devices.

Via: KoreaTimes



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