Whipper – World’s first climbing performance tracker cum smart coach

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Whipper is being claimed as the world’s first device that not only records your climbing performance, but also works as a coach to improve your climbing skills. It’s a small clip on device that comes with an accompanying smartphone app. As a climber clips on this small device to his waist, it begins to track the climb, location of climb, and way of climbing. After you are done climbing, all the date can be synced to mobile app to get feedback on your performance including other information, like date and time, location and name, grade, vertical feet, incline, time spent on wall, calories burnt, pace, efforts etc.
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Whipper deploys proprietary algorithms which are also assisted by incorporated Bosch 6-axis motion with accelerometer and gyroscope and a high-speed precision altimeter with thermistor for temperature measurements.

Whipper can run for 1-2 weeks on it’s 10 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery and 2 MB of internal storage allows recording of upto three days of outdoor data and seven days indoor data. The device can operate up to 35,000 feet altitude at any temperature ranging between -20 to 60 degree Celsius.

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Whipper’s role doesn’t end here. Based on the data collected, the device can help you assess your technique and suggest you ways to improve it. You can share your data and climbs on social media and even keep an eye on other climbers using the same device.

Whipper can also be used as a fitness tracker indoors, like in gym. The device is inviting backers on Indiegogo crowdfunding site and has already collected 120% of its target – $14,441. The minimum pledge is $99.


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