Xiaomi Mi Bunny Watch for kids comes with smart functions

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We adults love to have modern day gadgets and gizmos? But don’t count out the kids who have similar craving, and more often than not, are better at operating them. But, high-end gadgets in the hands of children can mean lot of time wastage and tons of games and apps that take a toll on their eyes. That is why it is better to have gadgets that are only meant for kids. Xiaomi wants to break the jinx of high-end smartwatches with its Mi Bunny Kids Smart Watch.

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The wearable is meant for kids, and therefore it has minimalist functions like receiving or placing a call to parents with just one click. Keeping safety in mind, the watch has a SOS button which sends a distress signal and a 7 second recording of that moment to the parents. The waterproof watch has a LED dot matrix display which displays the emoticons and also acts as the interface for family group chat with the kid.

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Mi Bunny Kids Smart Watch has a 300mAh battery which promises 6 days of standby time. The best thing about this cool watch for kids is that the parents can track the kid’s location at all times using the compatible app.
As for the health monitoring capability, this watch keeps a watch on child’s activities and analysis sleep too. A daily activity route recorder keeps track of child’s data for three months, giving you as a parent the idea of their regime.

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For the customary watch functions, Xiaomi Mi Bunny has alarm clock and time display which it pics from the GPS. Overall, the smartwatch for kids looks full of features and good news is you can buy it right away for your kids. The smart GPS watch comes in blue and pink color for a price tag of USD $59. Now, who wouldn’t want to buy this one?

Xiaomi Mi Bunny Watch for kids

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Source: MiUi Via: YugaTech



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