Tippett to develop AR ‘HoloGrid: Monster Battle’ game with HappyGiant

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We were talking about Star Wars enthusiasts and their number of creations inspired from fictitious characters, but nothing could be more amusing than a video game on the same theme. Popular movie artist Phill Tippett, in collaboration with HappyGiant, has turned to Kickstarter to collect funds to develop an Augmented Reality game, HoloGrid: Monster Battle. The game is all about holographic chess game from Star Wars. Tippett aims to collect $100,000 from crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, HoloGrid uses photogrammetry technique to create 3D renditions of physical objects. That means, physical pieces of character will be created and scanned.

The game allows users to play creature battle using AR. A user can play online against players, and it also provides an optional physical board for offline play as well.

Looking at the description of the game as a digital card game, it’s similar to Hearthstone. Initially, it’ll be a mobile game available for iOS and Android. Clearly, this project is less about game, but more about moving into AR world.



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