Puma BeatBot robot wants to create invincible runners like Usain Bolt

Puma Beatbot Robot

Usain Bolt is currently the fastest runner on the planet and Puma wants to turn every aspiring runner into a champion. That is a dream practically impossible, but at-least Puma is giving it a try. With able help from a team of MIT engineering graduates and advertising agency J. Walter Thompson, Puma has developed BeatBot, a robot which motivates racers to increase their pace. Obviously, to make it known to the world, Puma has roped in Usain Bolt as the man to promote this one of a kind robotic rig.

BeatBot is a self-propelling programmable robot which is constantly in the peripheral vision of the runner, which gives him/her the mental boost to be one step ahead, always. This is like having a competitive runner competing against and for you. If you have a look at the bigger picture, this robot turns you into a competitive athlete, never wanting to come second best.

Talking about the technology loaded into this little robot, it has nine downward-facing infrared sensors which helps keep in in track. The fitted Arduino micro-controller and 9-axis accelerometer helps it stay within the lane marking.

As a user you set time in the accompanying app and the distance which BeatBot will travel. Just place it on the running track and on the count of three (indicated by LED lights on the robot), try and beat the robot in that dash. That sounds interesting and Puma likes to call it Raceable Tech.

Puma Beatbot Robot_1

The robot can definitely go at a speed of 27.4 mph in a 100-meter run. Yes, that is the speed of Usain Bolt’s record setting attempt. So, you surely have a tough target to meet with Puma BeatBot. Who knows, it might give you the metal strength to break that record.

For now, BeatBot is a tad expensive to make, so Puma is creating it for professional runners only. Hopefully in the future it will be available to amateurs too.

Via: Gizmag



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