Lick off and enjoy KFC’s chicken-flavored nail polish

KFC's Finger Lickin' Good Nail Polish

Taking chicken fandom to whole new level, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has given literal meaning to its ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ slogan with its new range of chicken-flavored nail polish. Yes, you read that right. KFC has just answered to the beauty prayers of fashion-conscious chicken lovers with an edible nail polish that comes in two classic KFC flavors: Hot & Spicy and Original.

In collaboration with advertising firm Ogilvy & Mather, food technicians at McCormick (who are behind KFC’s original spices and herbs) have used natural ingredients to create these tasty nail polish flavors. The bright orange nail paint tastes like the Hot & Spicy flavor, whereas the nude shade has Original flavor. Hence, you literally have to lick off your fingers and enjoy two savory flavors.

KFC's Finger Lickin' Good Nail Polish

Designed as part of a fun campaign to increase brand excitement in Hong Kong, these nail polishes comes with instructions. According to the given directions, the user has to apply it on nails, let it dry, and lick again and again whenever they feel the urge of having delicious KFC chicken.

Nevertheless, the aesthetic and tasty nail polishes are not meant for retail so far. Before mass production, KFC wants to ask its Hong Kong customer which flavor they would like to purchase in future. For now, you can see these nail polishes in designer bottles and box on few social media sites.

KFC's Finger Lickin' Good Nail Polish

Check out the video below to find out more about this intriguing campaign, however it will leave you with some more questions. For instance, does it smell like chicken? How will your dog react if it accidentally licks your finger? Will it ruin the taste of other food items during meal time? Well, for the answers of these aforementioned questions you just have to wait till another update from KFC. For now, just enjoy the video.

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