Kiyouki Amano is back with ‘Arm Skirt’- Skirt with remote controlled robotic arms

Arm Skirt

Advanced robotics and electronics have begun to come handy with fashion accessories, and the most creative as well as creepy creations are obviously, reported from Japan. Kiyouki Amano has just unveiled the ‘Arm Skirt’ – a skirt with two robotic arms that can hold things like bottle of water or mobile for the user. The arms appear to crawl out smoothly from the skirt, which reminds us of the tentacles of Doctor Octopus which worked as eight additional incredibly powerful robotic arms.

But, unlike Dr. Octopus, these robotic arms are not controlled through brain. The user has to control them through a remote control. It sounds like assistance, but a bulky one with clanking, slow movements. Still, it’s exciting when we consider the fact that robotics are actually evolving, and we are likely to see the Dr. Octopus fancy come alive. We all know researchers are doing their best to decode brain signals to develop intuitive prosthetic, like the one SFU team is testing on a paralympic skier, Danny Letain, who had lost his left arm below the elbow 35 years ago. He was actually able to grip objects with this new, more advance bionic hand. So, Dr. Octopus fancy is not far. In fact, who won’t like to get few additional hands?

Arm Skirt 4

Anyway, Amano collaborated with Amauchi Industries and BloommakeLab to develop the Arm Skirt. Amano did well to give these arms a polished look. There are no words from the developer regarding mass production of the product for consumers, so far.

But it’s not the first time Amano has tried to experiment with skirts. Last year, its Hikaru Skirt, which used LEDS to light up the wearer’s settai ryoiki, had made quite a buzz. Amano simply loves to have fun with technology and fashion, so expect more in future.

Arm Skirt 3

Arm Skirt 5

Arm Skirt 2

Arm Robot 5

Source: Rocket News 24



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