Want to make your own Captain America’s flying shield or Iron Man’s gauntlet?

Iron Man Gauntlet and Captain America Shield

The kind of props and technology our beloved superheroes use, at most times is very difficult to emulate in real life, unless you have a cool trick up your sleeve. Just like the real Mjölnir trick which brought the Thor hammer to Venice Beach, and people were startled when they couldn’t budge an inch of this hammer off the ground. Only the maker, Allen Pan was able to lift it off the ground thanks to the kill switch for the electromagnets which stuck it to an iron manhole opening. Now the crazy inventor is back with his buddy Grant Imahara to demonstrate another cosplay worthy of featuring in Comic Con.

The duo challenged each other to build a superhero prop that inflicts damage and looks absolutely cool. Allen opted for the Captain America’s flying shield and Grant choose to make the Iron Man gauntlet. This project by Mouser in collaboration with Marvel Captain America: Civil War wanted to emulate the superhero action (without any special effects), and so it did.

Captain America Shield

Allen had the daunting task of making the boomerang shield which was only possible with a drone. After working on the WLToys V262 drone for around 160 hours, he finally got what he wanted. A flying shield (or should I say drone) which is actuated by motion-controlled remote strapped onto his forearm.

Iron Man Gauntlet

On the other hand Grant had a slightly easy time building the Iron Man gauntlet for the duel. He made its detailed 3D model and using 3D printer got what he wanted. It took almost 5 days of build work and more than 3 days’ worth of cleanup required before the gauntlet was complete.

Then it was time for some show off and as you can see from the video, they made a big feast of the superhuman powers they had (just for a short while though). You can also check out in the videos below, how they made the shield and gauntlet. Quite an impressive DIY project, I must add.

Via: Gizmodo



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