Worried about your drone’s safety? Try out the parachute accessory by ParaZero

ParaZone SafeAir parachute system for drones

Drones have to be the greatest invention of this decade (at-least for geeks), they come with their own set of complications. Running out of power in mid-air, a strong gust of wind or perhaps some technical glitch. All of these situations can bring your costly drone plummeting from the air and onto the ground. In all probability that’s going to cause considerable damage to the drone itself and burn a hole in your pocket for the required repairs. Not to forget the damage it can incur to someone standing right below its path.

Seeing this problem as a major one for drones, ParaZero, an Israeli company has developed a parachute system for drones which brings them safely to the ground. Called as SafeAir, this system deploys at the push of a button, and from the time you press the button to the point it is fully deployed, the drone loses just 8 feet in altitude. Thereafter, your drone glides to the ground below at a speed of 13 mph which prevents any hardware damage.

For now the start-up is developing parachutes for major drone manufacturers like DJI and 3D Robotics. The SafeAir drone parachute system has its own chip which powers-up the deployment procedure and also sensors which automatically detect the drone’s orientation at low altitude.

Via: ArsTechnica /PopularMechanics



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