“Recycle Wars: The Trash Awakens” by Indiamatic Elementary students

Recycled Star Wars Droids 8

Currently, the world needs to be preached about recycling like a religion, to deal with overflowing landfills everywhere. So, imagine how it feels to see elementary kids, first or second grader building droids from discarded materials. A team of 21 little-angles at the Indiamatic Elementary, lead by their art teacher Leann Arnett created three Star Wars inspired droids, and guess what, they have named the project, “Recycle Wars: The Trash Awakens”.

Recycled Star Wars Droids 2

It’s a good one. Everyone seems to have loved “Star War: The Force Awaken” and expressed their love for favorite characters by building actual droids, like BB-8 droid or a game based on iconic characters of this film. The team grabbed first prize in a district Brevard Public Schools art and science fair.

Recycled Star Wars Droids 7

The kids build C-3PO, R2-D2 and BB-8 from old, discarded materials, like keys, red solo cups, plates, cans etc. Metal trash cans were used to built R2-D2 and a mannequin from Bealls for C-3PO.

Arnett recalls excitement that kids showed when told to use recycled materials. One of them even shouted, “We could use a yoga ball and a salad bowl for BB-8’s head.”

recycled pop art

The more we hear about recycling, more it encourages us to share such creative and green art projects with you. It’s always worth spreading a word when it comes to saving the only planet we have (so far).

Recycled Star Wars Droids

Recycled Star Wars Droids 10

Recycled Star Wars Droids 6

Recycled Star Wars Droids 4

Source: Florida Today



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