Ford shows-off EcoBoost powered skateboard and blender in its new ad campaign


Ford has come up with a worth watching ad campaign for its 1.0-liter three-cylinder EcoBoost engine. Ford is offering this engine in the 2016 Ford Focus, but it seems, the sales need some additional boost. What Ford did was use this compact engine to power things like skateboard, grinder, baseball pitching machine, and may be more experiments are in line.

Dolph Lundgren is seen presenting videos showing an EcoBoost powered skateboard picking up a speed of over 60 mph, a pitching machine beating crap out of the batman and spike through a block of drywall at 200 mph, and finally a custom blender grinding steal cutlery, glass, wooden plank etc. into powder.

Watch the videos to see how 123-hp engine transforms these items into monstrous forces.

The purpose of entire showoff was to demonstrate power of tiny EcoBoost engine, and it did achieve its goal upto some extent.



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