Jakemy Magnetic J Watch is not what you think

Jakemy Magnetic J Watch

I love gadgets and accessories from the Far East, and for good reason too. Simply because they are nothing like anything you’ve seen before. Of all the numerous gizmos coming from Japan and China, some can be absolutely outrageous, while others carry sheer stroke of genius that no one thought of before. How you categorize this gizmo, depends on your perspective and usage. This folks is Component Suction Bracelet fit for geeks who are always engrossed with electronics and DIY project. What’s the use of this bracelet? Time-keeping, fitness tracking or smartwatch functions? Well, none of these actually.

Jakemy Magnetic J Watch_1

This is Jakemy Magnetic J Watch which actually doesn’t have any watch functions, but comes handy when you are working with a lot of screws and tools. The accessory sits on your wrist like any watch, but instead of telling time it keeps all you small screws and nuts in one place. It has a magnet which holds these metal screws tightly. For example when you are repairing your PC or working with other electronic gadgets this accessory comes in handy.

Other than that this accessory has no practical use. Jakemy Magnetic J Watch is selling on Donya for just 599 Yen, that is approx. USD $5.5 apiece.



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