Learn to play piano and drums in augmented reality with Teach-U: VR

Teach U VR

In today’s busy life gadgets, especially wearables loaded with VR applications can be a really helpful. Another example of virtual reality coming to the fore to teach students how to play musical instruments, and a deeper understanding of music itself has surfaced. Teach-U: VR pitches to improve creativity of students by giving them a virtual teacher capable of making them learn music. All this from the comforts of their school lab without the need to go to a specialist in musical instruments or in this case a music teacher. That is what inspired NYU Shanghai students Sean Kelly and Sam Shi to develop Teach-U: VR, a virtual reality application which helps young students learn music.

Using the cheap Google Cardboard VR headset as the platform for their musical instrument application, the duo created it a part of the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon. Their initial thoughts were to assist the students studying brain surgery, but thankfully they decided to put their effort into something others haven’t done before. Teach-U: VR want to save a student’s time and money since a traditional music learning requires a dedicated teacher, money and time input.

With Teach-U: VR you can do all this without a dedicated teacher in any part of the world. The VR application is really helpful for kids who don’t have access to good music teachers in their location. The two inventors used Google Cardboard VR headset and fitted it with a PMD infrared sensor to track hand gestures. That way a user can virtually reach out to the instrument being played. In this case, Kelly and Shi have used piano and drums as the initial instruments to be played.

Google Cardboard was their choice for VR headset since it doesn’t require any PC setup to pair with the not so affordable headsets like Oculus, HTC or Samsung Gear VR. The duo have plans to further develop this VR application and make it more user-friendly. For now they have given a glimpse of what is possible with virtual reality applications.

Credit: TechCrunch



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