Johnny Weir to get world’s first Twitter-powered brooch at Derby

Twittered powered brooch 3

Designers are pretty excited with emerging trend of experimenting with smartclothing or smart fashion accessories. Special attention is being paid toward establishing connection of social media profiles with these accessories. For instance, we had recently posted about Bojian Han’s SoSole sneakers that talk and IBM Watson developed a ‘Cognitive Dress’, both of which can download data from Twitter profile and manifest user’s personality or mood through a particular color code. Now, we have a Twitter-powered brooch to add to the list.

Earlier this year, Viget senior digital strategist Ben Eckerson and MBC Sports senior director of social media and marketing Lyndsay Signor had conceived a creative idea at SXSW in Austin. Eckerson refined the idea to bring it with him to his team at Viget. They have developed a Twitter-powered electronic brooch that Johnny Weir will be wearing at the annual Kentucky Derby broadcast.

Twittered powered brooch

The brooch will change appearance based on the Twitter Activity on Johnny’s Twitter profile. For instance, the small white horse on the brooch will start glowing and galloping faster as people will Tweet using hashtag #WatchMeNeighNeigh. More the number of Tweets with this hashtag, faster will be the galloping horse.

Twittered powered brooch 2

The brooch, designed by Viget, took about two and a half weeks for complete development, including design and concept followed by 3D printed electronic circuits. It uses internet via cellular networks to establish wireless connectivity to put forth all the fancy display.

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