Rombus-CT mini cocktail arcade machine plays Pac-Man

Rombus CT arcade machine

Guys over at CircuitBeard (not Circuit Board) love tinkering around with electronics, and yes they love beards too. These bunch of geeks also like arcade gaming and looking at them it is hard to believe they are not exploring the countryside on their Harley’s. However, here they are with an arcade cabinet machine which is as cool as some of the other arcade cabinets we have seen so far, if not best of them.

This is Rombus-CT, a Raspberry Pi powered mini cocktail arcade machine which plays the classic Pac Man game. The arcade cabinet is made in such a way that it allows for easy accommodation of two players who can play the addictive game alternatively without swapping positions or moving the arcade machine. There are two buttons on the side which help switch the play to Player 1 or Player 2. Also, the play automatically switches to alternate player once you bump into the monsters.

Rombus CT arcade machine_2

To keep things interesting, the two sides have same button layout. One side has a six-button layout in blue color and the other has red color layout. The brains of this arcade machine is a Raspberry Pi chip and Rombus-CT is aptly called as a mini cocktail arcade machine. To learn more about it, jump over to the project website.

Via: LifeHacker



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