Doom running on a chainsaw makes absolute sense

Chainsaw running Doom

Give DIY’ers a Raspberry Pi and they’ll come up with things you never imagined before. Like playing Doom 2 on a chainsaw. That is exactly what George Merlocco did, and dubbed it Painsaw. A Doom game fan, George modded an Echo Junior Chainsaw Toy to power it with a Raspberry Pi Zero. He also used the Chocolate Doom source port to replicate the first series of Doom released in early 1990s.

To create a nostalgic feel, George set the timestamp in video to December 10, 1993 – launch date of Doom. The screen quality is also set to VHS and to make the chainsaw available (it’s only apt to play with a chainsaw on the Painsaw) right from the start, he included an E1M1 from Doom 2.

Doom runs smoothly as the player creates carnage on-screen with a chainsaw

The chainsaw is fitted with a 2.2” TFT LCD screen, Adafruit PowerBoost 1000 Charger and a USB soundcard. Xbox 360 controller is the input device for this cool hack and you can also play it with a wireless keyboard.

Chainsaw running Doom_1

Merlocco says that this mod is a tribute to everything related to Doom, and he wants to keep it forever with him as a memorabilia. The timing of this mod also comes at a perfect time as next version of Doom is going to be released on 13 May, 2016. You can find all the details of this project by clicking here.

Via: IGN



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