ESA to deliver all electric Lillium- Vertical take-off and landing jet by 2018

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Even the most bulky jetpacks were coolest thing when the concepts were in their infancy state. Now, the focus has shifted on stuff like Flyboard, which actually appears to be the size of a skateboard with jet turbine. Franky Zaparta had totally nailed it.

But hold on, future of public and private air transportation is about to enter into a new era. The European Space Agency is gearing up to deliver an electric, noise-free VTOL plane by 2018. It’s like a small recreational air craft that can cruise faster (20 mph) than a helicopter but it can use a helipad for vertical takeoff or landing. It can land in an area of 50 ft x 50 ft because it doesn’t require a runway. The design has popped up right from the books of science fiction. It’s smooth, glossy and streamlined.

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Classed as a Light Sport Aircraft with space for two passengers, Lilium is entirely electric and its ducted fan engines, batteries controllers are redundant, and it’s much quieter than any other aircraft. A 20 hours training session would easily get you the pilot’s license for recreational flying during daylight, provided there are favorable weather conditions and un-congested airspace up to 3 km altitude.

But we all know it’s not going to be limited to recreational use only. Human kind wants to save time and it’ll do anything to travel faster. So, now we are on the next level of transportation that hopes to give us the kind of freedom to start our journey from anywhere and travel faster with lesser carbon footprints. Currently, the electric engines can generate 320kW/435 hp power to deliver a max speed of over 250 mph with a range of 300 miles, which sounds cool. The controls are also fully computer-assisted to give the pilots a breather.

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Two of the biggest wishes that any human would seek for are, more time and to look young forever. The scientists are working on the theory of relativity and haven’t found any way to run the time backwards (so far), but they can really save a lot of time. As far as the second wish is concerned, MIT researchers have already developed a sort of second skin that could keep you look younger. Also, we actually have a holographic smartphone scheduled to be revealed at the ACM CHI 2016. Everything from science fiction is coming alive. It’s both terrific and terrifying.

lillium vtol jet

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Source: European Space Agency



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